About Me

My name is Aaron Simmons and I am a Designer and Researcher focused on the intersections of futures, products, and people. I’m a strategic thinker with experience in early stage startups, nonprofits, and education innovation. My experience in these sectors, as well as my education in design, anthropology, and philosophy, mean I bring a human centered and systems level eye to every project.

In my free time I make backpacks, am a co-founder of a futures group, and love learning about space exploration.

love in space.jpg

Career vision

I work best in spaces where big ideas are encouraged, risks are taken, and the future is shaped. I bring a diverse skill set, and deeply human centered mindset to my work. My strengths are in building culture and networks, gathering user insights, and translating high level goals into actionable steps.





Education Innovation //


Sustainability Strategy // Greycork

Product Development // Your Heaven Audio

Product Innovation // MYTH

Future of User Research // Dispatches from Planet Nowhere

Brand Development // HAY Watering Can

aaron@afsstudio.com // ig: @smallurbanlife