Respirator K1

During my thesis I have been collaboratively writing the story of Aurora City on Mars in the year 2169 as an alternate form of user research and product creation. As part of that process I have chosen to take objects from the stories that my participants write and make them into actual objects for people to interact with. I chose to make a respirator for the low atmosphere on Mars and the extreme environment on the outskirts of the city. 

The Story:

"I’m remembering a time when I was a kid racing in the flat lands. Stones seemed to levitate as we flashed by. I’ll never forget the sand created by the mix of engine and dust bouncing back and forth from the flatness below and the shallow barrier above. And I remember your hands gripping the loft handles, your gloves caked in dust, your masks regulator working furiously to clear debris as if there was anything in the flat lands to watch out for. The thrill was never ahead but always how fast we could escape form what we left behind."

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