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Welcome to AFS Studio, a multidisciplinary design practice focused on futures, people and products. Through these three areas of interest we explore how design makes futures, and how we can create products that build a better world. The studio offers a diverse range of design services from qualitative user research, to product development, to foresight studies.

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We believe that design is fundamentally a future oriented practice. Designers make the things we encounter every day, and understanding our impact on the future helps us become better designers for the world. 



Whether its working with writers, illustrators, artists, futurists, or designers we love working with creative people of different backgrounds to imagine new possibilities for design. In researching our designs we engage diverse stakeholders in understanding their vision for the future.

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We create meaningful objects that last. We are fascinated by new materials and manufacturing techniques, and feel just at home in the shop as in the studio. The objects we engage with on a daily basis should be meaningful, durable, and beautiful.