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Flora Collection

The Flora Collection is a part of my fiction inspired design projects for my brand MYTH and focuses on creating a line of bags for a fictional Astrobotanist who travels the galaxy replanting worlds that have been destroyed. Through collaborating with Evan Limberger, a professional illustrator, we created the character of Raven. Her position requires her to have a tactical, beautiful,  and useful bag. Each bag in the collection would come with a comic book featuring Raven and her backpack to offer the end-user a unique and exciting product narrative.

After initial prototyping a limited run of four colorways was produced by a manufacturer in Cranston, RI. Through multiple rounds of prototyping we adjusted the pattern and design of the bag to meet price point, aesthetic, and functional goals. 

The final prototypes are production ready with a pricepoint of $220, and can be produced in the USA. Each bag is made with ballistic nylon, tubular webbing, stainless steel strap adjusters, ykk zippers. The bags are durable, minimal, and functional for the space explorer in all of us!

Initial character sketches by Evan Limberger

Initial product sketches and prototypes

Four prototypes produced by a local manufacturer

Final Outcome

 Final Artwork by Evan Limberger for Raven the Astrobotanist

Final Artwork by Evan Limberger for Raven the Astrobotanist

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