close up.jpg

Dead Light

Since 2013 I have been documenting flora and fauna as a side hobby. It is something I enjoy but have never found a meaningful way to incorporate it into my design practice. In 2016 I began augmenting images that I had taken, and started a process of turning something digital into a physical object. I focused on this picture of dead wood to highlight the process of taking something dead and giving it new life through digital and physical creations. 

Once I had augmented the photo to a point where I could define its’ form and gesture, I drew lines onto it to highlight these qualities. From these lines I created sections that would contribute to the ultimate shape. These sections were then laser cut in clear acrylic, and a base was created to accentuate the luminescent qualities of the acrylic.

This process allowed me to take something dead and documented in a flat form, and transform it into something vibrant and multidimensional. Completing this project offered me insights into my own design process, and my interest in the relationship between documentation, transformation, and digital processes.