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About Me

My name is Aaron Simmons and I am a Design Researcher focused on the intersections of futures, products, and people. I’m fascinated by the impact design has on our daily lives, and how we can utilize human centered design insights to build a brighter future. I’m incredibly curious at heart, and love wrestling with big ambiguous questions.

Currently, I work in innovation in the education sector where I bring an agile approach to developing and piloting initiatives to re-imagine the 21st century educational experience. Previously, I completed my Masters in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design, and have a background in early stage startups and non-profit organizations. In my free time I make backpacks, am a co-founder of a futures group, and love learning about space exploration.

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Career vision

I work best in spaces where big ideas are encouraged, risks are taken, and the future is shaped. I bring a diverse skill set, and deeply human centered mindset to my work. I’m never afraid to ask questions, and value clear and focused designs that get to the core of serving unmet needs. My strengths are in building culture and networks, and understanding how to translate high level goals into actionable steps.

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