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My name is Aaron Simmons and this is AFS Studio, a multidisciplinary design practice focused on futures, people and products. Through these three areas of interest I explore how design makes futures, and how we can create products that build a better world. My expertise in early stage startups, as an educator, and as an organizer in the non-profit sector means I bring an expansive lens to design. I am currently a founding member of the Co-Futures Group, and an embedded designer in an innovation program for high school students in Chicago.

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Design is fundamentally a future oriented practice. Designers make the things we encounter every day, and if we change the every day we change the world. Being a good designer in the 21st century means thinking through how each design decision ripples out and affects the people, animals, and ecosystem of our world.

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Whether its working with writers, illustrators, artists, futurists, business designers, or product designers we love working with creative people of different backgrounds to imagine new possibilities for design. Through rigorous qualitative, quanititative research the studio’s designs engage diverse stakeholders in understanding their vision for the future.

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I believe in creating meaningful objects, systems, services, and brands that last and have an impact. I am fascinated by new materials, business models, and beautiful dreams, and feel just at home in the shop as in the boardroom.

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